The Bereavement Support Group, with the support of the Mothers’ Union, has opened the Bereavement Cafe which brings comfort to those recently bereaved. It is open on the fourth Wednesday of each month, 10:30 – 12:00 in St Mary’s Hall.

The death of a loved one is a difficult time. Once the funeral is over and family and friends have gone home, the bereaved can find themselves alone and possibly for the first time in many years.

For the first few months, family and friends will phone regularly but sometimes that begins slowly to decrease too.

It may be that, at first, the newly bereaved don’t feel able to go out so much. They fear they will break down and embarrass people. It is well known that those who have not been bereaved sometimes find it difficult to talk to those who have, and many even cross the road to avoid doing so.

All members of the Bereavement Support Group have been bereaved themselves and so have an understanding of what a bereaved person is experiencing.


If you know someone who may find comfort or if you are suffering through bereavement yourself you will find a warm welcome at the cafe and be amongst others who are going through, or have experienced the same as you.

No one will mind if you cry; they will offer you a tissue.

No one will mind if you go over the same story again and again; they understand your need to do that.

No one will mind if you just sit drinking your coffee; they understand that too.

For further information and support please contact the Benefice Office in the first instance.

Some helpful prayers

Loving God, I pray to you for those whom I love but see no longer. Grant them peace; let light perpetual shine upon them; and in your loving wisdom and almighty power, work in them the good purpose of your perfect will; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

(Adapted from the 1928 Prayer Book)

Loving God, be with me in my grief. Give me the strength to live each day well. I pray for all those who have lost loved ones too. May we know your love in our hearts and feel your arms embracing us in our distress; in Jesus’ name.

Some useful contacts

2gether NHS Foundation Trust



08457 909090 –

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SOBS)

0844 561 6855 (local 01452 371945) –

Cruse Bereavement Care

01432 359469 –