Thinking Film – Thursday 6th September

Thinking Film is an opportunity to gather to discuss life’s big issues as they are treated in popular films and to see what faith has to say about them. It is intended as an opportunity for friendships to grow and beliefs to be shared in an atmosphere of respect and trust.

Our first film in the series is,

‘Eat, Pray, Love’

On Thursday 6th September, 7 pm in St Mary’s Hall

‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is the story of a personal search for meaning and fulfilment in life based on the bestselling book of the same title, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Dissatisfied with her marriage, her work and the expectations of her culture, writer, Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts), tries to break free. Initially making a new relationship in which she is introduced to Eastern religion, she still feels an inner emptiness and decides to take a ‘gap year’ to make a journey of self-discovery. She experiences different approaches to life, work and spirituality found in other cultures.


Cert 15. (Includes mild sex references and strong language)

All are welcome. Entrance is free and includes a glass of wine and unlimited popcorn!

This the first film in a series.

  • 4th October, ‘Victoria and Abdul’;
  • 1st November, ‘Chocolat’;
  • 6th December, ‘Mary Magdalene’.

For more information contact Simon on 07462 893457

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