Happy Birthday Mr Kyrle – Sunday 21st May 2017

ROSS-on-Wye will be celebrating the 380th anniversary of a philanthropist who sought to improve the town.

The Man of Ross, John Kyrle, is well remembered throughout the market town with a pub named after him and of course, the secondary school.

He was born on May 22, 1637 and from his early 20s he worked to improve the lives of people in the town.

To celebrate his birth date, Ross-on-Wye Tourism Association (RTA) has organised a family friendly event in and around the parish church, in conjunction with St Mary’s Church, the Ross Civic Society and Made in Ross.

Chairman of the RTA, Caroline Utting, said: “We know his birthday was actually May 22 but that’s a Monday when most people will be at work so the Sunday before seemed the best choice for the event. Ross has a rich and fascinating history that is worth exploring and celebrating.”

The event takes place between 1pm and 4.30pm. Teas will be served in St Mary’s Church Hall. There will be guided walks, John Kyrle Trails, displays in the church, stalls, activities and a special 17th century style Evensong Service at 4.30pm.

This will give people a flavour of what John Kyrle would have experienced when he attended services at St Mary’s.

Many of the organisers will be in costume on the day and everyone is invited to dress up in 17th century style clothes.

There are plans for some live period music and it is anticipated John Kyrle himself will make an appearance courtesy of Brian Jackson. John Kyrle Knot Garden will also be open.

Mrs Utting added: “We are still at the planning stage and hope it will be an interesting and varied event for anyone keen to find out more about local history or just having an enjoyable afternoon out in Ross.”

Taken from the Hereford Times

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